We analyze the project in depth. Thanks to this we are able to determine all the advantages of the forging phase.


Always keeping in mind the needs and characteristics of the project, we develop an economic, efficient and qualitatively superior solution.


The production phase always takes account of the scheduled delivery dates. Quality is ensured by certified raw materials and non-destructive testing at the end of the process.

Inginera: your solution for hot and cold forging

Inginera offers a 360° service: from the feasibility study to the industrialization of custom mechanical components.

Continuity of Supply

Our industrial planning always ensures certain times for the development of solutions, production and delivery: reliability and punctuality are guaranteed.

Quality consistency

The production phase involves the constant monitoring of qualitative requirements and specifications, always in agreement with the customer and certified with ad hoc documentation.

Cost optimization

Thanks to comprehensive knowledge of the raw material market and manufacturing processes, we always offer unbeatable cost optimization.

Our Strengths

Professionalism and Competence

The experience gained over decades of activity in this sector makes us the ideal partner for the professionalism and competence offered.


Our work is the result of the passion that has always distinguished us, since the first years of activity.

Tailored Solutions

Our projects always originate from the specific needs of the customers, the certain starting point of all our services.

Made in Italy 100%

Our solutions and our production processes are always 100% made in Italy, certified and guaranteed.

High Quality Materials

The high quality of our materials and raw materials is guaranteed by specific certifications on our supplies.


We offer a very high level of confidentiality towards the processing and the produced components for all our customers.

Our processes

Inginera is a collector of various metal forming processes, hot and cold, and has the aim of optimizing mechanical properties and production costs.

All our production processes have a common factor: giving life to complex geometric shapes by increasing the mechanical properties, reducing masses and subsequent finishing processes.

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