Production of metal components for the automotive sector

Brass - Aluminum - Steel - Copper

We manufacture metal components for the automotive sector. We know the problems related to this sector and we will help you to obtain excellent results, paying attention to the need to lighten the weights, the need to decrease the number of pieces in assembly and increase the safety and durability of the product

Types of Components for the Automotive Sector

We provide consultancy and support for the industrialization of components for the automotive industry.

Our development team is ready to meet all the requirements required by the market, and is updated on the latest emissions and fuel economy regulations for greater performance reliability.

We guarantee technical support for the customer, starting from the choice of the production process, through the treatments, up to quality control.

Engine components: Crank shafts, connecting rods, armrests, camshafts

Transmission: gear seals, gear levers, crankshaft, main shaft, couplings of the propeller shaft, flanges of the brake levers

Steering: Steering knob, steering shafts, steering levers, armrests

Rear axle: rear axle shafts, differentials and covers, tooth wheel and pinions, differential gears

Front axle: inner beams, axles, front hubs

Various components: air conditioning, transmission, chassis, diesel injection

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Personalized advice

We help you choose the right treatment for your product

Certified materials

We assure you of high quality certified materials

Excellent quality / price

We can assure you an excellent value for money thanks to the experience gained in the field

Do you want to produce a metal detail?

We help you in the choice of the production process by ensuring the highest quality of metals and an excellent quality / price ratio

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