Quality check

Analysis and controls for certified quality

Destructive controls

Our quality control is always thorough and complete. We rely on an external laboratory specialized in these investigations which has all the necessary instruments available to check and certify the quality of the products we make.

Quality certification takes place both through destructive and non-destructive tests.
The first are considered such because the tests involve the deterioration of the part under investigation.
They include:

  • Specific chemical analyzes
  • Metallographic analyzes
  • Mechanical tests and analyses

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Non-destructive controls

Non-destructive controls includes all tests and qualitative tests on materials and products that do not damage or alter their initial state.
These investigations are performed to look for any anomalies or defects in the produced parts that could undermine their quality or reliability.

The non-destructive tests that are performed to certify the quality of our products are:

  • Dimensional and visual – VT
  • Penetrant liquids – PT (investigation of surface defects by means of chromatic contrast generated by a liquid substance)
  • Ultrasounds – UT (test that exploits high frequency acoustic waves)
  • Magnetoscope – MT

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We offer you the feasibility study and the identification of the most suitable production process, ensuring very high quality of materials and excellent quality/price ratio.

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