Sheet metal forming

Progressive dies for finished or semi-finished components

Fine blanking

Cold sheet metal forming, using special presses, consists of the combined action of a die and a punch, which penetrates the sheet metal, obtaining finished or semi-finished details.
Through progressive dies made up of several steps, it is possible to carry out several working phases and, at each stroke of the press, shear, bend and drill the sheet. Starting from the metal strip, coil, the finished product is obtained, guaranteeing high productivity, high precision and optimization of the raw material.


The 2D (width and height) and 3D (depth) bending of metal coil and wires is performed using automatic shearing-bending machines, with radial or linear tools, where bending and shearing are also performed in times lower than a second, guaranteeing a very high productivity.

Deep drawing

Through special hydraulic presses it is possible to simultaneously obtain stretching and compression of the sheet metal, obtaining hollow, cylindrical or cupped shape components. Die and punch, unlike shearing, are both characterized by connecting radii, aimed at avoiding the generation of wrinkles or cracks on the detail.

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