Surface and galvanic treatments

Protective and aesthetic finishing

Galvanic treatments are FINISHING processes that allow metal parts to be covered with other metal in order to increase its CORROSION RESISTANCE (e.g. copper with silver, steel with zinc). In some cases they have a purely AESTHETIC goal. The treatments take place thanks to an electrolytic process.

Types of Treatments


The pieces are covered by a layer of nickel which increases the mechanical and corrosion resistance


The chrome plating is performed on a layer of nickel and can be glossy or matte. It is a treatment that aims to protect the metal from corrosion.


It is a metal cleaning treatment to prepare it for subsequent painting which takes place by erosion of a surface layer


Galvanizing is a surface treatment that consists of applying a layer of zinc to protect the metal from oxidation


Painting is a treatment that protects the surface of metals from corrosion caused by atmospheric agents or changes in pH


Copper plating is a surface covering treatment with copper to increase the durability of metals which will then be nickel-plated and chromed.


Makes the metal surface smooth, shiny and homogeneous. The raw component is inserted inside a machine and rubbed with steel balls.


Tin plating superficially covers the metal with a layer of tin in order to increase protection against atmospheric agents

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