Metal Thermal treatments

Thermal treatments

Heat treatments allow to improve the QUALITY of metals by changing the characteristics of the internal structure. We perform heat treatments on aluminum, steel, copper, brass and bronze.

What is a heat treatment

Heat treatment is a process that allows to alter the microstructure of a metal in order to enhance its future use in any sector.

The metal component will generally be more resistant to high temperatures, hard and ductile, thus avoiding its deterioration over time.

The metals are subjected to several thermal cycles, each of which is composed of a heating, a maintenance and a cooling of the temperature in a controlled way.

Type of Thermal Treatments

The heat treatments can be divided into treatments which provide for heating to temperatures above the critical points of the metal

Complete annealing
Isothermal annealing
and treatments with temperatures below the critical range:

Softening annealing or workability improvement

Types of Treatments


Annealing is a treatment that completely cancels all the effects of previous treatments, including hardening and alterations of the existing microstructure


Annealing is a heating treatment of the metal under the melting temperature which has the aim of sweetening the piece and eliminating the residual tensions


Normalization is a particular type of annealing performed at 70 ° C which has the aim of refining the crystalline grain of the steel, uniforming the microstructure


It is a heat treatment that causes a slight decrease in internal metal tensions. It is the first stage of annealing.


Hardening consists of heating the metal and cooling it suddenly so as to increase the hardness of the metal. It increases resistance and decreases resilience.


Tempering is the post-hardening treatment. In practice, the metal is heated and cooled to a controlled temperature reducing the negative effects of hardening.


QUENCHING AND TEMPERING is the sum of hardening and tempering that eliminates martensite. It is performed to obtain a metal with a fine grain structure and characteristics suitable for subsequent use.


It is a cooling of the metal to temperature - 196 ° C with liquid nitrogen which allows metastable austenite to turn into martensite.

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